Full strength feeds that contain identified bad reputation and maliciousness.

Adware Hosts adware.host.dtq Domains identified as hosting adware.                        

Bad Reputation Hosts badrep.host.dtq Uncategorized Domains identified as having a bad reputation. This includes hosts owned by known spammers, payload URLs, malicious tracking domains and domains associated with low reputation networks, amongst other factors. 


Bad Nameserver IPs bad-nameservers.ip.dtq Nameserver IP addresses that are hosting domains and considered as having a bad reputation. 


Bad Nameserver Hosts bad-nameservers.host.dtq Domains that are being used as the host record for a Nameserver and classified as having a bad reputation. 


Bogons bogon.ip.dtq IP addresses that have not yet been assigned to an entity and should not be generating any incoming or outgoing traffic.